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Baxter Software Solutions provides a modern, cloud-based solution to seamlessly integrate data between all your various business systems. Leveraging decades of experience in the logistics software industry, we have built a platform that can connect virtually any CRM, ERP, WMS, or TMS to your routing and dispatching systems. More importantly, we can implement in a fraction of the time and with an affordable, fleet-size-based pricing model.

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Why Baxter Software Solutions?

We have the experience and expertise to build and host your custom integration in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.



With decades of experience building integrations and solutions for the logistics industry, the team behind Baxter Software Solutions has worked with hundreds of companies large and small. We are not only well-versed in logistics software, we have contributed to several of the core platforms from one of the market leaders in the space.



With our purpose-built, modern solution, we can have your core integration up and running smoothly in days, not months. In some cases, we are able to cut deployment time down to just hours!

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Predictable Costs

Typically, integrations are written as custom applications time and time again – often with a requirement for you to own, manage, and maintain your own hardware and source code. Whenever writing new code, you put yourself at risk of creating inefficient processes and buggy solutions that can take months or longer to shake out – to say nothing of expensive up-front costs. Baxter Software Solutions offers predictable, affordable pricing that meets the industry standard of tailoring pricing to match fleet size. We have designed our solution from the ground up to match the requirements of modern trucking logistics.

Why Integrate?

Do your disparate systems work independently and manually? Of course they do. But integrating data between your systems greatly improves the efficiency of your entire operation and unlocks additional returns from your investment in each connected system.

Reduction in Administrative Tasks

Significant time & money can be reclaimed from routine day-to-day operations and redeployed to more critical business needs.

Elimination of Human Error

Even the best skilled routers and dispatchers have bad days, get distracted, and make mistakes that can cause significant disruptions. Minimize, or in many cases eliminate, human error by allowing these operational roles to focus on the core task of routing instead of IT data transfers.

Maximize Data Intelligence

Get the most out of your operational data to optimize and grow your business. Your logistics software helps you create optimized routes, but it can also collect highly valuable data from the field – customer locations, frequent delays, over/short/damaged goods, and custom surveys just to name a few. Integration can allow you to consume and leverage all this data to inform better business decisions.

What is wrong with the old way?

While you can certainly build your own integration, there are pitfalls to be wary of.


The complexity of the systems involved are often underappreciated. The world of trucking logistics is foreign to even the best developers. Understanding the vocabulary, systems involved, timing, and order of operations frequently cause projects estimated in weeks to run for 3-6 months or longer.

Budget Overruns, Delayed ROI, and Opportunity Cost

Projects that struggle to get completed and launched cause all sorts of downstream effects. Budgets can be significantly impacted; delays reduce the ability to recognize ROI from the routing, dispatching, & mobile solutions; resources are constrained from tackling other company priorities.

Core vs. Context

Building integrations is not what your business is designed to succeed at. Your business is about delivering groceries, or packaged goods, or tyres, or petrol, or any number of other products and services that are critical to your customers. Keeping your team focused on “core” business activities is a well-proven path to growth and success, while “context” is best outsourced to prevent stretching resources thin and distracted.

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